Investigating challenges and responses in supply chain management amid unforeseen events


supply chain, unforeseen events, disruptions resilience, just-in-case, cooperation, information exchange, trust, demand, supply, framework agreements


The emergence of increasingly complex global supply networks and the rising risk of unpredictable events may have far-reaching consequences for various industries and the global economy. The impact unpredictable events have on supply chains remains a relatively underexplored area that requires further research and analysis. Current studies primarily concentrate on singular events, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on supply chains. This research aims to identify the main challenges in supply chain management resulting from unforeseen events and the actions taken in supply chains in response to them. The research is based on individual in-depth interviews conducted with a purposive sample of experts in supply chain management using a partially structured interview questionnaire. The research results were analysed using Nvivo v. 17.1, software for qualitative data analysis. A hybrid approach was employed for data coding. The research indicates several problems and the main remedial actions in supply chains in response to unforeseen events. Unforeseen events in the supply chain affect almost all supply chain operations: procurement, planning (including inventory planning and maintenance of company resources and production lines), logistics management (including transportation), and order management. The research indicated that cooperation, integration, and information exchange within the supply chain are crucial for effective responses to unforeseen events. Furthermore, the research highlighted the positive impact of unforeseen events on supply chain innovation. Moreover, there is an observed prevalence of intuitive management, particularly when responding to unexpected events. The research findings can serve as a basis for further discussions and studies on the potential impact and consequences of future unexpected events on supply chain resilience.

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