Sustainability and Industry 4.0 in the packaging and printing industry: a diagnostic survey in Poland


Industry 4.0
smart manufacturing


Industry 4.0 (I4.0) became an important paradigm to bridge the gap between technologies and humans. The paper aims to diagnose sustainability performance and I4.0 maturity in Poland’s printing and packaging sector and identify research areas where further actions for improvements are necessary. This article adopts a mixedmethod study combining in-depth interviews of eleven heterogeneous enterprises, supported with a quantitative survey on a representative sample of 301 companies. The findings revealed an insignificant correlation from a statistical point of view (0.44) between the adopted I4.0 technologies currently used and sustainable best practices. Internet of Things technologies are more often adopted in the printing industry (27.2 %) than in the packaging industry (14 %). The study concludes that using I4.0 technologies boosts the execution of sustainable practices and/or realising sustainable
development practices requires I4.0 technology adoption. The paper clarifies that more in-depth analyses are needed to help achieve sustainable objectives for printing and packaging companies through digital technologies. The methodology is replicable and might be applied in other economies across separate multinational enterprises to influence sustainable digitalised business strategy.

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