Process security methods and measurement in the context of standard management systems


process security
standard management systems
Balanced Scorecard


The main purpose of the paper is to identify ways to establish process security in the constantly changing risk and control environment and to introduce a new model. The research is based on a literature review of process security components. Qualitative content analysis was used to establish a linkage between the certified management systems and the level of process security. Elaborations have been conducted based on the survey data of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and served as a basis for analysis of certification types and their sectoral division in the European Union (EU) member states. A new Balanced Scorecard has been developed to cover the security pillars in the context of standard management systems and serve as a framework for process security measurement. The research paper processes the state-of-the-art issue of process security, introduces components that help to establish process security, and establishes a linkage between the level of process security and certified management systems. An analysis was based on the ISO certification information related to different management system standards. Management systems were analysed in the context of process security and corresponding process performance measures. A brief walkthrough has been prepared to demonstrate the processes behind the underlying performance measures. A new Balanced Scorecard approach has been developed that maps and covers different security aspects retrieved from and linked to different management system standards. The new Balanced Scorecard based on different security aspects of entities can be leveraged by any organisation, regardless of its size or business profile.

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